North Park Schools

north park schools tasting radishes at thomas jefferson elementry school garden

Radish tasting at Thomas Jefferson elementary school, North Park

North Park Schools

North Park has 3 public schools Thomas Jefferson, Mckinley and Garfield. Do you see the presidential theme going? A little like North Parks wacky streets named by State.  So we have Garfield on Oregon and Thomas Jefferson on Utah.  Mckinley changes it up by being on Felton.  States and presidents that’s North Park, except some of the times they change the street names. With a 100 years of history lots of name changes happen. Click here to see the  school boundaries for the North Park schools.

Like most historic neighborhoods North Park schools have had their challenges. It takes time for the schools to catch up with the demographics. North Park is bright chic and full of energy….the schools not so much.

That’s changing Mckinley does the wildly popular Soho chili fest.  Thomas Jefferson does a monthly fund raiser: on the second Tuesday, at Waypoint public, with a free movie for the kids. The parents enjoy great food, local beer and conversation. Its all arranged by friends of Thomas Jefferson elementary

This post really came about because of an amazing article by Andy Hinds in the uptown news, about choice and local schools. I. think it is a must read, I love his views of schools. It’s changing,  it is all about the community.  For an older take on North Park schools read this article on North Park Schools from Voice of San Diego What a difference a few years and some great parents.

Dedicated parents are making the schools as great as the community. I teach gardening class on Wednesdays to the kindergarteners and first graders at Thomas Jefferson. We have a range from neighborhood parents who eat very healthy diets to looks of kids who have never eaten a radish or broccoli until we grew it in the garden.


school gardens and fresh food, from one of North Parks elementary schools.

trying fresh radish from the Jefferson school garden, one of North Parks local schools.

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