Revival Style

Revival Style

The 1920’s was a period of looking back. The past seemed romantic.  While Spanish/Mediterranean and Tudor revival styles  dominate, San Diego has small examples of Dutch Colonial Revival and Cape Cod Revival styles.  Mission Hills has some great  Dutch Colonial Revival style homes. There are three Dutch Revival style in Coronado and some scattered in the out lying cities. Our front image is an original farm house built in the Dutch Colonial Revival style in Lemon Grove.  The main hallmark of the Dutch revival style is a broad gambrel roof with flaring eaves that extend over the porches, creating a barn like effect. Dutch Colonial Revival style elements

Style Guide Image courtesy of City of Phoenix  Historic Homes of Phoenix.

Cape cod and Colonial revival Style

Colonial revival with it’s formal aspect will always remain popular




Perhaps the most interesting revival style was Egyptian Revival. The public was a glow with the thoughts of king tut.  Park Ave still posses an Egyptian neighborhood.  New condo projects  have jumped into the neighborhood with names like the Cario and the Egypain The San Diego journal of history has a fascinating story about it the Egyptian Revival (Oops update the San Diego history center is rebuilding their website and links do not work, they say they are working on it)