Mission Hills Prairie Style house

Mission Hills Prairie Style house


Prairie Style Homes 1900-1920

Prairie style 1900-1920. The prairie style is found almost elusively in Mission Hills.  Of the 160 houses identified as Praire Style over 90% lie in their borders. The other few examples are in Point Loma, Coronado and La Jolla.

Started by Frank Loyd Wright, Prairie Style was direct response to the Victorian Style. While Victorian homes were upright and narrow, Prairie Style was meant to be horizontal with wide sweep lines and open spaces. At the time this was very modern. Now days we see the ranch style as the wide sweeping vernacular.

Mission Hills Heritage did a wonderful symposium in 2015 on all things Prairie Style. Their website is full of wonderful info on house repair (check out their resources for windows)

Possible Prairie Style

Since most agents do not have a clue that a house is Prairie I have added in a generic search of 2 story homes built from 1900 to 1920 that might pick up a few more.