Mid Century Modern

mid century modern

classic mid century modern kitchen

Mid century modern

First as military housing then as  homes for San Diego”s booming aircraft industry San Diego started to boom.  Finally ready to shed the Mediterranean revival roots San Diego architects were ready to embrace modernism.  We now refer to the homes as  mid century modern.  Mid century modern is all about the large expanses of glass, the indoor/outdoor connection . KPBS did a wonderful segment on their San Diego’s historic places series on mid century design. Watch it here.  http://Video: Mid Century Modern | Watch San Diego Historic … video.kpbs.org/video/2221363805/    

For those that like to read (warning it is VERY long) there is a great article on the history of   tract housing. put out by CALTRANS It covers the entire state. More at home is the city of San Diego did a great paper on Modernism I used it to research  a house I was selling. 

Mid century Modern has become so popular. It is my daughters and I suspect most of her contemporaries favorite style.  Luckily the post war boom created some great neighborhoods to find mid century modern.  My favorite neighborhoods for mid century design are Del Cerro 92120, San Carlos 92119,  college 92115, Point Loma 92106 and Clairmont 92117. Click the links to search for houses built between 1950 to 1980 in those communities.  

Soho did an amazing tour with great photos of mid century modern in Clairmont





John Henderson